Jen held me accountable. More important, she believed I could succeed and taught me that I can’t fail at this if I try my best, and that I may not always be perfect, but it’s about constantly improving over time and recognizing when I fall back into old habits.


Even though I hadn’t been very successful in the past, I dropped weight quickly on Jen‘s plan and my body didn’t fight it at all. I learned how to stay away from anything processed and go with natural foods. Jen changed my life. I am forever grateful!


When I first began working with Jen, I had just had my fourth baby and had essentially spent the past seven years either pregnant or nursing. After four months, I felt strong and healthy again. I’ve been the girl who has tried every diet out there, and this is the only plan that I have been able to stick with consistently.


Jen’s plan has not only altered my physical appearance, but has also changed my formally clouded feelings on getting back into exercise and dieting. I find that being dedicated and making small changes in my once-lethargic lifestyle opened the door to huge success, in both professional and family settings.


As a coach, Jen has a unique ability to connect with people to understand their strengths and weaknesses, both physically and emotionally. I run a business where my doors are open 24 hours a day, so every hour is nonstop – but ultimately, it’s the choices that we make that define us, and she has never let me forget that.


I started my journey at 257 lbs and in desperate need of a change. Jen inspired me to choose ME and that everything I needed to succeed was already within me. lost almost 80 lbs in a few months in a HEALTHY way because Jen helped me to realize that this wasn’t about an “end game”, but a way of life and sustainable tools that would help me to transform into the person I knew I could be.

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Thanks to Jen’s inspiration, I am not only in the best shape of my life, I am also more positive and confident in myself than ever before.  Jen taught me that fitness is more than just a look, it’s about training your mind to become mentally and emotionally healthy as well. My body and mind became in sync, and my whole life began to flow.

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