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Live | Give


The daily grind is upon us unwaveringly and without fail. However, if you can focus beyond the distraction of the complacency it inspires, you will see how you’re constantly being presented with opportunities throughout those 24hrs to build a better life. Using the tools of movement, nutrition, and purposeful engagement is how we convert what we know we should do into learning it, and learning into a sustainable behavior change that reflects the real you. Often however, we instead try to hide our deficiencies as a coping mechanism instead of using that energy and EQ to overcome them. I don’t want you to overthink this concept but I also don’t want you to underestimate it either! Put better than I ever could:

“People do not decide their futures, they decide their habits and their habits decide their futures.”  -F.M. Alexander

Think about this truthfully, then decide what kind of life you want to live. From here you simply get go build it, one single day at a time, using these pillars of education and inspiration that can (and will) remain as tools of yours to use for life.


Giving exists in many forms and in my eyes stands out as one of the greatest forces on this planet. BUT– how are you’re actually using your power to give? Are you constantly giving to feel connected and joyful in the moment but feeling empty all other times? Or perhaps your default is to quit before your start not even giving yourself a shot? There’s so much more than meets the eye here– Care to know why?

There are four categories of giving.

Give BACK: True service. When you grow, I grow.

Give OVER: Opening up to a person or an idea. Collaboration = Creation.

Give IN: Inward love and care. Becoming your own self-partner.

Give UP: A powerful action that cannot be ignored because of it’s negativity and what we must face to understand our resistance. Embracing your awareness on why this is the give that we access more easily and more frequently than the others is critical for your transformational stability.

Of these four, my immediate focus for you is to Give IN. Start with you and the care and environment that you need to center yourself amongst all other things. Coming from over a decade of closely working with people on this, I can promise you that you’re closer than you think to a permanent smile on your heart… but it all begins with the willingness to give to yourself.