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I literally made this word up. Ha!

But with there being so much “FitSPO” aka fitness inspiration streaming all over the place, I thought to myself:

“But isn’t living inspiration equally important?”

What sustains our feelings of fulfillment is the way in which we shape our days and the mental landscape around them. This includes the people and the purpose within the moments that make our minutes, and the minutes that shape our weeks, years and lifetimes. I will continue to point you in the direction of the people and projects that are LiveSPO in my life, starting with Movemeant Foundation. A nationally recognized 501c3 nonprofit that uses fitness and sports as a tool to help women and young girls build self-worth, body-positivity and confidence. They grant a body-positive movement-based Middle School curriculum to low-income at-risk communities across the country, and have an individual athletic scholarship called #sheplayswewin that they gift to low-income girls internationally to help them make fitness sustainable.

Like WOW.